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Matthew Walker mwalker at
Wed Oct 21 13:19:58 MDT 2009

Do they have the option to have multiple static IPs? And has anyone used them in
Springville? I love my XMission service, but it is a lot pricier than I would prefer,
due to having to also pay Qwest for the copper, and I refuse to use ComCast.

On Wed, October 21, 2009 1:14 pm, Spencer Gibb wrote:
>> Every now and then, I like to review my ISP setup.  Make sure I have
>> what is best for me.  I saw this plan today:
>> I hear they throttle, which some people hate, but is this OK internet or
>> is there issues that the average geek internet user is going to abhor
>> and wish to cancel after one month?  Is the throttling so bad if you
>> aren't a heavy downloader?
>> -Dennis
> I have the 7meg service with a static IP (which is free).  I have been
> very pleased with it.
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> Spencer
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