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Wed Oct 21 13:12:01 MDT 2009

I haven't used Digis in a few years but my experience with them was short and not very sweet. At that time it was a 1 Meg connection. It was ok with one exception. The quality of service varied a lot. Specially between seasons. When the leaves came out, the wind blew, it snowed, well you get the idea. My results at the time were anything from no service to basically 1 Meg service. Generally I was on the lower end of the spectrum. 
For my money I left them as soon as I had another option. 

Again, take into account that this was a few years ago. 



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10/21/2009 12:04 PM 

ISP options 

Every now and then, I like to review my ISP setup.  Make sure I have
what is best for me.  I saw this plan today:
I hear they throttle, which some people hate, but is this OK internet or
is there issues that the average geek internet user is going to abhor
and wish to cancel after one month?  Is the throttling so bad if you
aren't a heavy downloader?


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