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Mon Oct 19 12:48:00 MDT 2009

Magento written in php?  What's the backend database, mysql, postgresql?

On Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 9:59 AM, Stephen Ward <sjward at> wrote:

> I'm hoping some enterprising young (or old (or anywhere in between))
> plugger can come to my rescue on a project that my company is
> contractually obligated to perform, but which we are currently rather
> unqualified to do.  An enviable position, I know.  I can already hear
> your Napoleonic cries of "Lucky!"
> So the first thing is that we are required to install a Magento store
> and import the ~700 products this client is already managing in MS's
> Great Plains system.
> Next we have to enable the Magento store to use a payment gateway
> called BluePay, which I only just heard of for the first time last
> week.  Looking around, there doesn't appear to be a single
> BluePay-Magento module available anywhere, so I'm assuming this would
> have to be whipped up from scratch.
> Finally, we need a daily cron job that will export all of the day's
> orders into a set of very customized CSV files which will be used to
> import the day's online sales data back into Great Plains.
> I just started messing around with Magento for the first time in my
> life last week, so I'm not well-versed in either its import/export
> functionality, nor its payment gateway system.  Does anyone here have
> experience with this sort of thing?  Anyone qualified and interested
> is welcome to contact me off list.  An ideal reply would be something
> along the lines of "Sure, I can do this for $XYZ and have it to you by
> Oct/Nov X, 2009."  But really any helpful hints are welcome.
> Thanks,
> Stephen
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