Custom Magento Work

Stephen Ward sjward at
Mon Oct 19 09:59:53 MDT 2009

I'm hoping some enterprising young (or old (or anywhere in between))
plugger can come to my rescue on a project that my company is
contractually obligated to perform, but which we are currently rather
unqualified to do.  An enviable position, I know.  I can already hear
your Napoleonic cries of "Lucky!"

So the first thing is that we are required to install a Magento store
and import the ~700 products this client is already managing in MS's
Great Plains system.

Next we have to enable the Magento store to use a payment gateway
called BluePay, which I only just heard of for the first time last
week.  Looking around, there doesn't appear to be a single
BluePay-Magento module available anywhere, so I'm assuming this would
have to be whipped up from scratch.

Finally, we need a daily cron job that will export all of the day's
orders into a set of very customized CSV files which will be used to
import the day's online sales data back into Great Plains.

I just started messing around with Magento for the first time in my
life last week, so I'm not well-versed in either its import/export
functionality, nor its payment gateway system.  Does anyone here have
experience with this sort of thing?  Anyone qualified and interested
is welcome to contact me off list.  An ideal reply would be something
along the lines of "Sure, I can do this for $XYZ and have it to you by
Oct/Nov X, 2009."  But really any helpful hints are welcome.


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