drbd experience

Corey Edwards tensai at zmonkey.org
Tue Oct 13 01:46:16 MDT 2009

Mike Lovell wrote:
> has anyone in the group had much experience with drbd setups? i'm 
> working on a setup, which i am affectionately calling 'ghetto san,' to 
> use for some virtual machines and lab environments. i was planning on 
> doing a raid 10 on two boxes and then running drbd across the top of 
> them to provide some server level redundancy. when i was discussing this 
> plan with a co-worker, he suggested using a raid0 at the server level 
> and then relying on drbd for the redundancy. has anyone tried this or 
> have any thoughts on it? in theory it makes sense to me but part of me 
> is going 'ewwwww, raid0 on a server.' any thoughts? thx

I've run some fairly big disks (~200GB) using DRBD. I even lived through
a few experiences which, if not for DRBD, would have caused massive
failure. DRBD rocks and I would recommend it to everyone.

To address your specific question, no I wouldn't blow off the RAID1.
Disks fail, sometimes often. Recovering from a local disk failure is
much easier than rebuilding an entire DRBD volume. I've done both. Disk
is cheap. Man power is not.


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