drbd experience

Mike Lovell mike at dev-zero.net
Mon Oct 12 19:40:32 MDT 2009

has anyone in the group had much experience with drbd setups? i'm 
working on a setup, which i am affectionately calling 'ghetto san,' to 
use for some virtual machines and lab environments. i was planning on 
doing a raid 10 on two boxes and then running drbd across the top of 
them to provide some server level redundancy. when i was discussing this 
plan with a co-worker, he suggested using a raid0 at the server level 
and then relying on drbd for the redundancy. has anyone tried this or 
have any thoughts on it? in theory it makes sense to me but part of me 
is going 'ewwwww, raid0 on a server.' any thoughts? thx


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