[OT] MMA Fight

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at bluesunhosting.com
Thu Oct 8 14:03:48 MDT 2009

On 08 Oct 2009, at 13:16, Bryan Sant wrote:

> Howdy Pluggers,
> I'll be fighting in my first MMA fight on October 27 at Throwdown  
> Elite in
> Orem.  If you're interested in watching, you can buy tickets for $10  
> (ahead
> of time, or at the door).  They have something like 20 fights lined  
> up, so
> you'll be getting a lot for your money if you choose to go.
> If you go, you may finally get to see a fellow geek crush some  
> ignorant
> jock!...  Just kidding...  ...  ...it will be worse than a crushing.
> Wish me luck.

Good luck Bryan!  /dev/null those punks!

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