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Brandon Stout bms at
Thu Oct 8 00:31:43 MDT 2009

I'm not sure it counts as an Open Calendar, but Google Apps might do
what you want.  There are also some PHP icalendar programs.  I haven't
tried them for a while.  but search for php and ical.  One is
phpical, but it was fairly limited, and unless it's improved in the past
couple years, you might do better with another php ical solution.  Open
Groupware is another one.  I think Sun has a java-based calendar program
as well, and I think it's open source, though I'm not sure.

Another thing that I tried is plain ol' IMAP with a thunderbird
extension called sync kollab or something like that.  It might be a good
alternative as well.


Dave Smith wrote:
> I am changing jobs soon, and I've come to rely on (shudder) my  
> company's Microsoft Outlook/Exchange for my calendaring needs I store  
> both personal and work-related calendar information there. I'd like to  
> get rid of this closed solution once and for all and move to an  
> alternative that meets the following requirements:
> 1. Easily synchronizable between applications (iCal, Windows Mobile  
> Phone, iPhone, Google Calendar, etc)
> 2. Good longevity. I don't want to have to write magical shell scripts  
> every 6 months because the format changed.
> 3. Can ingest my calendar data from Outlook.
> What do you suggest?
> Thanks!
> --Dave
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