PyCurl for Python 2.5 on Mac (is Mac officially OT?)

Gabriel Gunderson gabe at
Tue Oct 6 15:51:41 MDT 2009


I know some of you are closet Mac users.  If you need to reply off
list, that's OK ;)

I've written a Python script to consume an somewhat obscure webservice
for a client of mine.  I wrote it not knowing they would be running
the code on a Mac.  I'm not a Mac user and certainly wouldn't
recognize Mac's best practices.  Anyway, figuring out how to get the
right version of pycurl on a Mac has taken twice as long as writing
the script.  I need some help :)

I'd prefer to not require the client to build pycurl by hand (unless
that turns out to be the best way to do it).  I've taken a look at Mac
Ports, but that seems to install pycurl for Python 2.4 and not Python
2.5.  That's fine, but it seems needlessly lame and I'd have to make a
few changes to get that working.  I'd much rather just get the right
version of pycurl and be done with trying to figure that nonsense out.

The good news is, I'm ever more grateful for yum and apt.


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