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> PLUG Members,
> Sorry to start a new thread, but I did not feel this question quite fits
> the old one.
> Why is everyone so enamored with crucial for memory?  I have always gone
> to, and searched for my memory there.  Most often I have
> found that crucial does not even make the top ten for price.  There are
> several other places that provide memory at better prices and stand
> behind it with a lifetime warranty.  18004memory is one such place.  I
> have had only one failure with memory from them and they replaced it
> overnight with no questions asked.  Crucial wants me to send the memory
> back and then I might see a replacement in a week or so.
> What am I missing that puts crucial so high on everyone's list?

You aren't missing anything other than we are brand whores.

When I am buying memory for my servers at work I do not want to mess
around with generic brands, merchants with little reputation, etc.  If
I am not buying direct from the manufacturer (Dell) I choose Crucial.
Not just for the price, but the reputation, quality, and safety.

Now there is a whole other story for my personal machines.  On those I
definitely check out,, etc.  I get the cheapest
RAM I can without hitting those sites that scare me.  The ones that
I've never heard of, that look shady, etc.


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