[OT] Video camera (and other) batteries

Kelly Terry ksterry at xmission.com
Mon Oct 5 16:19:33 MDT 2009

Quoting Shane Hathaway <shane at hathawaymix.org>:

> Gabriel Gunderson wrote:
>> My wife recently went to BatteriesPlus and they wanted 4X as much for
>> the same battery found online (same name brand and from 10's of
>> different online resellers).  This is the kinda thing that makes it
>> hard to know if you're getting what you pay for (either way).  If the
>> price difference was only 15 or 20%, I'd assume they're identical
>> batteries and just buy the dumb thing wherever it was most continent.
>> 400% differences make me wonder what's going on.
> I've made the same observation, so I've decided to start being my own
> supplier of tiny batteries.  I've found some common sizes in bulk
> quantity at Amazon for cheap.  They seem to work fine.

I second that for the button batteries.  I buy in bulk so you can have  
a couple if you need (AG13 SR41 AG10 CR2032).  I buy rechargeables at  
batteryspace.com.  They're consistently the best price and good quality.

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