[OT] Video camera (and other) batteries

Shane Hathaway shane at hathawaymix.org
Mon Oct 5 12:26:02 MDT 2009

Gabriel Gunderson wrote:
> My wife recently went to BatteriesPlus and they wanted 4X as much for
> the same battery found online (same name brand and from 10's of
> different online resellers).  This is the kinda thing that makes it
> hard to know if you're getting what you pay for (either way).  If the
> price difference was only 15 or 20%, I'd assume they're identical
> batteries and just buy the dumb thing wherever it was most continent.
> 400% differences make me wonder what's going on.

I've made the same observation, so I've decided to start being my own 
supplier of tiny batteries.  I've found some common sizes in bulk 
quantity at Amazon for cheap.  They seem to work fine.


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