Definitions and Terminology Please

Kyle Waters unum at
Mon Oct 5 10:39:31 MDT 2009

On 10/04/2009 05:54 PM, Carlton Brooks wrote:
> Currently I have 6 computers in my home, all run Linux except one 
> (Windows Vista) and all are hard wired with cat 6 throughout the house. 
> I have read about a NAS device being used to store backups and data and 
> such items, and I believe I can build one. But is there a unit that this 
> group would recommend to purchase "off the shelf" so to speak.

Many of these NAS devices run linux and are highly customizable.  You
may want to look for that when you purchase one.  Someone from iomega
demonstrated their NAS product a few months ago at SLLUG.  Hopefully
someone else on this list attended and can share the name, it seemed it
was very customizable(though I'm not sure it's on the market yet).

Most of these devices work by using SMB file sharing.  The Linux
software is called Samba.  You can set up a samba mount, so that every
time your Linux computers boot they mount the share drive to a specific
directory(like /share)  you may want to set it so it is user mountable
so that the users on the computers can connect or disconnect to the
share when ever they want.

One of the draw backs of smb is permissions.  I'm not sure if there are
better handling of them now available, but you way want to look for
something that handles NFS (network file system) which is built into the
Linux kernel and handles UNIX style permissions.  Not sure if there is a
windows client for NFS but you can set up both systems so that Linux
uses NFS and the Windows one uses SMB.


> My next question is I have upwards of 10K scanned pictures and 
> documents, as well as over 300 DVD's that I created. Would these items 
> be stored on the NAS and then accessed from any machine in my home.
> If someone can explain the basics to me I would be forever greatful.

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