Definitions and Terminology Please

Carlton Brooks linux at
Sun Oct 4 17:54:41 MDT 2009

Though not a new Linux user I am wanting to venture into some new 
territory and need some help with terminology.

Currently I have 6 computers in my home, all run Linux except one 
(Windows Vista) and all are hard wired with cat 6 throughout the house. 
I have read about a NAS device being used to store backups and data and 
such items, and I believe I can build one. But is there a unit that this 
group would recommend to purchase "off the shelf" so to speak.

My next question is I have upwards of 10K scanned pictures and 
documents, as well as over 300 DVD's that I created. Would these items 
be stored on the NAS and then accessed from any machine in my home.

If someone can explain the basics to me I would be forever greatful.

Carlton Brooks

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