Extending a subnet

Michael L Torrie torriem at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 08:03:59 MDT 2009

Kenneth Burgener wrote:
> I have a private network behind a NAT switch with a network 
> address and a subnet mask.  I wish to expand the subnet to 
>  If on the NAT switch I were to just expand out the subnet, 
> would it break anything?

As long as your servers are using dhcp to get addresses then you are
fine.  If they are static, you'll need to change each one to a netmask.

> My expectation is the current servers would continue to function as is.  
> I could then add new servers, with the expectation that they wouldn't be 
> able to speak to servers with the old subnet mask, until updated.  I 
> could then slowly update the old configured servers as needed.  All 
> servers would then continue to work as expected, and will continue to 
> have Internet access.

No, if you don't change the subnet masks you will have problems.
Computers on the old 24-bit subnet will only be able to communicate with
computers on the same 24-bit subnet until they are changed to the 16-bit

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