Forwarding messages from Thunderbird

Hans Fugal hans at
Wed Nov 25 12:02:49 MST 2009

On 11/20/09 21:04 , Michael Torrie wrote:
> Alec Shaw wrote:
>> Recently I have received forwarded emails with embedded images in the
>> email.  When I have tried to forward the
>> email using Thunderbird I see that the images are not copied into the
>> new email.
>> I have specifically noticed this especially with email from
>> I use with IMAP to Thunderbird 2.0.
> I've never had this problem.  The default forward method for thunderbird
> is attachment.  As in the entire message including its attachments is
> attached.  Maybe try "Forward as->Inline" and see if it's any different.

Actually what he wants (maybe) is forward as attachment, which he's not 
getting for whatever reason.

There's two things at play here: if you're using plain-text composition 
settings (as many of us probably do) then forwarding as attachment 
retains the HTMLness, but forwarding inline converts to plain text and 
things like images are gone. If you compose HTML email, then the images 
will be there in either forwarding method.

You can compose/reply/forward in HTML by holding down shift when you 
press the button.

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