Distance Sensors

Shane Hathaway shane at hathawaymix.org
Thu Nov 19 03:13:16 MST 2009

Sasha Pachev wrote:
> Question for EE geeks. I want to have something like this. Sensor A,
> Sensor B, Sensor C, let's say up to 16 sensors. Each separated from
> each other by no more than 2 meters at any given time. Each sensor
> needs to be small enough that if you attached it to the body and tried
> to run you would not feel encumbered. So maybe up to the size of a
> watch. Powered by something like CR2032 battery. Then there is a base.
> The base can ask any of the sensors how far away they are from a given
> peer at any time. Base can be stationary and plug into a wall.

I wonder if one of these newfangled cameras would work:


Also, don't forget the Wiimote approach.  (Infrared camera + 16 emitters.)


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