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Sasha Pachev sasha at asksasha.com
Wed Nov 18 20:13:52 MST 2009

Question for EE geeks. I want to have something like this. Sensor A,
Sensor B, Sensor C, let's say up to 16 sensors. Each separated from
each other by no more than 2 meters at any given time. Each sensor
needs to be small enough that if you attached it to the body and tried
to run you would not feel encumbered. So maybe up to the size of a
watch. Powered by something like CR2032 battery. Then there is a base.
The base can ask any of the sensors how far away they are from a given
peer at any time. Base can be stationary and plug into a wall.


 - What is the technical term for something like this?
 - If something like this exists, can I get the precision of 0.1 cm
and the ability to query 1000 distances per second  for a reasonable
cost (let's say under $1000)?
 - Assuming the answer to the previous questions is that it is
technologically possible, but not for the given price. Suppose a
demand arose for a system like this to where you had, let's say, a
million potential customers. Would it be economically viable to
manufacture a system like this for less than $1000 for a base + 16

If it is not obvious, and also to keep the discussion on topic, I do
want to be able to use Linux to control the base and collect the data.

I have initially thought of it as a tool to evaluate running form, but
the applications are numerous. E.g. you could use it to detect
improper sitting posture and sound an alarm until the person adjusted
his position.

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