Postgres in Utah

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On Wednesday 18 November 2009 16:10:26 Merrill Oveson wrote:
> Actually mysql has triggers.

Yes, MySQL has a lot of these things... now. But for a long, long time, it did 
not. Before the InnoDB table type came around, most of these features were 
impossible. I think Sasha has nailed it in his description of the two RDBMSs: 
MySQL was hacked together with features on an as-needed basis. PostgreSQL was 
built from the ground up with fairly robust relational database requirements. 
Things like transactions, sub-selects, stored procedures, etc. have been part 
of the product for a long, long time, if not from inception. 

With this in mind, why are people drawn to MySQL over PostgreSQL? I've asked 
myself this question for years. I maintain and develop w/ both backends and I 
find PostgreSQL easier to administer. I guess the pg_hba.conf file can be a 
hurdle for some people. Is the lack of something like phpMyAdmin a deterrent? 
I've never used GUI or web-based tools to interact with either PostgreSQL or 

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