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The reason I ask is I am working at a company in Utah County.  They are
a Postgres shop and are outsourcing there DBA responsibility to a
National Consulting Firm.  They want to bring in back in house but are
not sure if there are qualified Postgres DBA's here in Utah.  So we have
3 options we are looking at.  Keep the consulting firm doing the DBA
work indefinitely, Find a Postgres DBA in Utah, or hire someone with
good Oracle, or Mysql skills and keep the consulting firm for 6 months
and get this person trained on Postgres.  I am trying to get as much
information as I can before a decision is made.   

Thanks everyone.

Jim Wright

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I work for a software company that has 4 major projects that each use
postgresql along with many minor projects that use it.  Major projects
are gigabytes in size.

What exactly are you looking for?  Are you just curious or do you have
a purpose to asking?


On 11/17/09, Jason Jones <poeticintensity at> wrote:
> Though it won't for long, I know Nature's Way currently uses it.
> --Jason
> On Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 7:40 PM, Doran L. Barton
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>> On Tuesday 17 November 2009 18:33:16 Jim Wright wrote:
>> > Are there many companies in Utah using Postgres? I have been trying
>> > do a search for companies doing work with it on a large scale and
>> > only found a handful.   Backcountry and EMC and a few others and
that is
>> > about it.  Why aren't a lot of companies using it?
>> I can't think of any offhand besides the ones you've mentioned. When
I had
>> my
>> own business - Iodynamics - we did just about everything on top of
>> PostgreSQL.
>> I've always felt it to be a superior product to MySQL for a variety
>> reasons.
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