Long uptimes.

Michael Torrie torriem at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 10:13:03 MST 2009

Levi Pearson wrote:
> So, bascially what you're saying is that anyone who chooses to implement
> a different set of features than you'd like is inherently lazy?  I'm
> sorry the world hasn't arranged itself to suit your needs. :)

In fact I am, although I'm not referring to my personal computing needs.
 The total economic cost to the world economy caused by requiring
reboots is probably many times that of the cost of fixing the problem
right originally.  But it's a matter of who bears the cost.

> OK, considering we're all pretty much running some form of a unix or
> windows system, none of which have a kernel architecture newer than
> sometime in the 90s, and some of which go back to the 70s... wouldn't
> you say that their development is focused on software maintenance?

Well, read the article.  He makes it pretty clear that at one time
software maintenance was the focus, but not anymore.

> Maybe they're just driven by some metric other than ridiculously long
> uptimes.  It would make sense, since to do so would be... ridiculous.

Yes I was afraid I'd be misconstrued as saying that ridiculously long
uptimes (as in the kind reported by netcraft) are the goal.

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