Postgres in Utah

Sasha Pachev sasha at
Tue Nov 17 21:45:09 MST 2009

>* This is not meant to incite a flame war, but I would be curious to
> hear what Mr Pachev has to say about this.

MySQL and Postrgres come from two different backgrounds. Postgres was
created as an academic product, while MySQL was created to solve a
real-life problem. Thus Posgres is more academically correct, while
MySQL will deviated from academic correctness to achieve better
performance and improve user experience. I suppose for a small
business academic correctness is not as important as actually getting
the job done.

That said, I have not looked at Postgres in a long, long time.
However, I do understand that Postgres has addressed many of the
issues that held it back in the past. Nevertheless, for most users
MySQL has been good enough, so there is rarely a reason to look for
something else.

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