Microsoft patents "Sudo"

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Fri Nov 13 09:18:41 MST 2009

It seems if you've got a lot of money and influence you can get whatever
patent you want.

Amazon got one for internet shopping:

Smuckers got one for a folded sandwich with no crust:

I filed for a patent:  It was rejected based on prior art
enough though, in my opinion, what was shown looked no where near what I
had.  I wish the patent office would have applied the same criteria as they
did to my patent as they did to Amazon, Smuckers and now Microsoft patents.

A lawyer friend of mine told me that all patents are rejected on the first
go around - then you refile and appeal and simply overwhelm the patent
office with obscure legalese and force them to do tons of arcane research
until the patent office simply gets worn down and worn out and then awards a

As this friend succinctly said "The systems favors the wealthy."

In fact I've come to learn that all systems, institutions, businesses and
even people favor the wealthy.

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