Geographical Load Balancing

Steven Alligood steve at
Thu Nov 12 09:14:41 MST 2009

On 11/11/2009 04:24 PM, Corey Edwards wrote:
> How apropos that you asked this today when Paul Vixie wrote an article
> just to address this very topic.
> In my experience, solving this problem turns out to be exceptionally
> difficult. My few naive attempts at it have not been shining examples.
> Anycast is pretty cool, but works best (exclusively?) with stateless
> protocols such as DNS.
> Corey

Yes, anycast does much better with stateless.  I was meaning to use the 
anycast to answer your dns from the closest (online) geographical point, 
whcih would answer with it's local http service (non-anycast).  If the 
closest data center were offline, the next closest anycast DNS would 
answer with it's own http farm.

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