Geographical Load Balancing

Derek Carter (aka goozbach) goozbach at
Thu Nov 12 08:25:34 MST 2009

On 11/11/2009 05:19 PM, William Attwood wrote:
> Hello--
>     How does one accomplish geographical load balancing? With that in mind,
> what about geographical failover?  Example, I have a data center (DC) in
> Dallas, and another in Salt Lake.  How do I re-direct traffic if Dallas goes
> offline?
>     Just a project I'm diving into.  colo-specific load balancing and
> failover is accomplished, now we need to protect against the data center
> going offline, and speed of access to machines.  I see how I can do
> geographical failover with a geographical load balancer, however, do I need
> 2 geographical load balancers if one of them goes offline?
>     Has someone here worked on a project of this magnitude?

F5[1]has a product called Global Traffic Manager[2] which purports to do 
just what you described. It's a proprietary solution, and expensive, but 
if you're worried about this problem you'll usually have enough budget 
to accomplish it.


aka goozbach

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