Google releases the Go language

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Wed Nov 11 17:38:02 MST 2009

On 11 Nov 2009, at 14:19, alpheus.madsen at wrote:

> Right now, I've been trying to look at Common Lisp and Haskell.   
> Both languages, once learned, have a reputation of being very good  
> for development! but both can also take a long time to learn.
> What surprised me the most about these languages is that they can  
> both be optimized natively to be as fast or faster than their C/C++  
> counterparts.  This isn't why I am interested in these languages,  
> though:  I'm interested in them because they are functional, and as  
> such, promise things like simplified debugging and simplified  
> concurrency.  Haskell is especially interesting to me (as a  
> mathematician) because it's practically executable mathematical  
> syntax, and Lisp is interesting because of the power that macros  
> seem to offer.

That is some of the most intriguingly positive commentary on Lisp I  
have ever read.  I took a Lisp class many years ago in college when my  
mind was still new to programming and it bewildered me.  Your comments  
make me desirous to pull out the Lisp books again.

> I wish I had more time to learn these languages!

s/had/would choose to make/


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