Geographical Load Balancing

Corey Edwards tensai at
Wed Nov 11 16:50:34 MST 2009

Ryan Byrd wrote:
> having a super short TTL is a great way to overload your DNS servers and
> clients don't have to honor the TTL anyway and will often cache the records.
> IE caches records for 30 mins, I believe, for example.

I will vouch for that fact. Even worse, Outlook Express will cache until
it is shutdown.

Another trick some setups use is to order DNS replies so that the
primary/nearest/best is listed first and the secondary/farthest/worst
follow. Well that's all well and good until it runs through another DNS
server who is not bound to honor that ordering, and typically will not.

Here are a few URLs I've bookmarked on the topic. HTH


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