Geographical Load Balancing

Steven Alligood steve at
Wed Nov 11 15:27:34 MST 2009

On 11/11/2009 03:19 PM, William Attwood wrote:
> Hello--
>     How does one accomplish geographical load balancing? With that in mind,
> what about geographical failover?  Example, I have a data center (DC) in
> Dallas, and another in Salt Lake.  How do I re-direct traffic if Dallas goes
> offline?
>     Just a project I'm diving into.  colo-specific load balancing and
> failover is accomplished, now we need to protect against the data center
> going offline, and speed of access to machines.  I see how I can do
> geographical failover with a geographical load balancer, however, do I need
> 2 geographical load balancers if one of them goes offline?
>     Has someone here worked on a project of this magnitude?
It';s been several years since I have set that up, but the old alteons 
(now owned by nortel) would do geographical load balancing with one in 
each location.

Basically, you setup your auth dns to point to each location, with any 
subdomain in DNS delegated to the load balancer.  It would then give out 
dns based on which one it found to be quicker, etc, and in an outage 
would give just itself out for it's local farm.

Of course, if you are doing IPv6, check out the anycast stuff.  Quite 


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