Google releases the Go language

alpheus.madsen at alpheus.madsen at
Wed Nov 11 14:19:27 MST 2009

> Has anyone here played with Go yet?

In looking over Go's website, I would have to say that it looks kindof interesting, but to me, it's just another procedural/oop variant.

> Anyone know of an alternative that provides the best of all worlds?

Right now, I've been trying to look at Common Lisp and Haskell.  Both languages, once learned, have a reputation of being very good for development! but both can also take a long time to learn.

What surprised me the most about these languages is that they can both be optimized natively to be as fast or faster than their C/C++ counterparts.  This isn't why I am interested in these languages, though:  I'm interested in them because they are functional, and as such, promise things like simplified debugging and simplified concurrency.  Haskell is especially interesting to me (as a mathematician) because it's practically executable mathematical syntax, and Lisp is interesting because of the power that macros seem to offer.

I wish I had more time to learn these languages!

Alpheus Madsen.

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