aseterisk-festival issue (no audio from festival in dialplan)

venu gopal venugopal.thatikonda at
Thu Nov 5 23:24:49 MST 2009


i have installed festival 1.96 and the languages support, speech tools.
i am able to run the festival at shell prompt
$ festival
Festival Speech Synthesis System 1.96:beta July 2004
Copyright (C) University of Edinburgh, 1996-2004. All rights reserved.
For details type `(festival_warranty)'
festival> (SayText "venugopal")
#<Utterance 0xb69d1e38>

it is working.

But when i want to use with asterisk, i started the festival server as
follows and made a call from twinkle, the output at festival is as follows
i am not able to listen the audio

$festival --server
server    Fri Nov  6 11:45:37 2009 : Festival server started on port 1314
client(1) Fri Nov  6 11:46:36 2009 : accepted from localhost
client(1) Fri Nov  6 11:46:36 2009 : disconnected

the disconnected message is coming quickly after accepted from localhost.
Asterisk dialplan configuration in extensions.conf is as follows

exten => 1500,1,Answer()
exten => 1500,2,Festival(This is sample speech from Festival)
exten => 1300,3,Hangup()

i am using Ubuntu 8.04 LTS and twinkle, asterisk 1.6.

i need full fledged procedure to configure festival with asterisk

Thanks in advance


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