November PLUG Meeting: Android

Ryan Simpkins plug at
Thu Nov 5 10:59:40 MST 2009

Glen has passed along some details regarding his presentation (below). I can
speak from experience, monitoring some 11 billion clicks a day, that mobile is
_very_ important. If you aren't following mobile trends, you may find yourself
in a very dim future.

Come help lead the charge toward a mobile future. Get started with Android,
and become the next .mobi millionaire. See you next week!

Introduction To Mobile Application Development With Android

Smartphone and other mobile internet device adoption is tremendous and
growing rapidly.  Android is a mobile platform (hardware reference, OS,
tools, framework and sale channel) for these devices.  More than 50
Android-based devices are available or announced, and yet it's just over a
year since becoming available.  Gartner predicts that by 2012 there will be
more Android mobile phone handsets than iPhone.

Android is Linux-based and easy to get started with.  In this presentation
we'll briefly review the capabilities of the typical Android mobile device,
where it comes from (more than just Google) and how to get started with it.
We will walk through building a Hello World application and discussing the
significant elements of an Android application.  From there we will be able
to review code and demos for using maps, GPS, accelerometers, SQL and more.

About Glen:
Glen had educational software on the market and was teaching BASIC
programming 8-hours a day when he was 16. Since then he's delivered more
than 40 products and worked with more than 300 customers. His speaking
engagements have included Microsoft Management Conference, Envision and
Tech-Ed. His software skill sets include architecture, project management,
business analysis, technical writing, test design and implementation and of
course, development (his favorite). Glen co-founded the Utah Java User Group
in 1999 and co-founded the Utah Mobile Development Group in 2008. Having
successfully written and delivered courses in C++, Java, J2EE, UML and OO,
Glen now has his sights on the mobile world, specifically Android.

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