Mute conversations... like this one

Matt Nelson matt at
Fri May 29 19:48:08 MDT 2009

Just saw this in an email about whats new from google...  For those of your
using gmail this could come in handy to "mute" threads that have become
tiresome, boring, etc...  Not that we EVER have any of those from the PLUG
mailing list, hehe.

Is there a mute button?

Have you ever archived a conversation three or four times because you didn't
need another update and it keeps popping up in your inbox? Some people call
it a 'thread that won't die.' If you're part of a long conversation that
isn't relevant, you can mute the conversation for good.

Just press 'm' on your keyboard for the shortcut when viewing the
conversation, and new messages added to the conversation bypass your inbox .
The thread will remain archived. If your address appears in the to: or cc:
field, though, the conversation will pop back into your inbox ready for your
attention. This is best used when you're receiving mail based on a mailing

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