Two routers

Jones, Scott (GE Money, consultant) Scott.1Jones at
Wed May 27 15:06:22 MDT 2009

>Kyle Waters wrote:
>> Justin Hileman wrote:
>>> The key is to get the second WRT out of "router" mode and into 
>>> "access point" mode. Do this by putting the uplink on a LAN port 
>>> rather than the WAN port. Then you should disable the DHCP 
>server on 
>>> the second WRT. This keeps it from handing out IP addresses and 
>>> NATing all your traffic..
>> If you don't disable the DHCP server you may end up with some really 
>> crazy errors.  I would disable the DHCP server first.
>Ooh. Good call. Disable DHCP first, *then* plug the uplink 
>into a LAN port :)

At the risk of sounding ignorant, what is the difference functionally
between the uplink being plugged into the WAN port versus into one of
the LAN ports? 

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