Two routers

Kyle Waters unum at
Wed May 27 12:30:11 MDT 2009

Jones, Scott (GE Money, consultant) wrote:
> I own two domains: and is in use
> but is not forwarded for the moment. The SMC gateway is set
> to pass through, no routing.. My IP address is assigned to be static on
> the wrtp54g.. What DO you recommend then with this setup? 

What I would do(I won't be offended if other disagree) is use the SMS 
cable modem/gateway/router/nat/firewall as such.  I would get a wireless 
AP and set it to pass through(if that's not they work in the first 
place),plug the ap into the sms device, and then get a switch, plug the 
switch into the sms device) and plug everything into that.  Except the 
server I would plug that directly into the SMS device and set it up in 
the DMZ.


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