Two routers

Kyle Waters unum at
Wed May 27 11:15:53 MDT 2009

Jones, Scott (GE Money, consultant) wrote:
> The SMC gateway device is the cable modem.. The two wrt54g routers
> attach to it.. The cable comes in and attaches to the SMC business class
> modem/router.. But it's set to just pass through, no routing.. 
Ah I understand now.  I have one of those.....

So if you go to from a computer connet to each wrt54g you 
get two different ip addresses?  You see the wrt54g's will each have two 
ips.  An internal ip and an external ip.  They use the external ip to 
talk to everything on the smc side of the network and the internal ip to 
talk to everything on the other side.  So they will even use the 
external ip to talk to each other.

So you basically have two different internal networks and you'll have to 
set the the wrt54g with the printer(wrt54ga) on it to do portforwarding 
on port 631(you will probably want to restrict it to the external ip of 
the other wrt54g(wrt54gb), and wrt54ga's internal network).  Then you 
can set your wife's laptop to use the external ip of wrt54ga to print.

I really don't recommend you do this.


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