Two routers

Jones, Scott (GE Money, consultant) Scott.1Jones at
Wed May 27 11:08:06 MDT 2009

The SMC gateway device is the cable modem.. The two wrt54g routers
attach to it.. The cable comes in and attaches to the SMC business class
modem/router.. But it's set to just pass through, no routing.. 

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>Jones, Scott (GE Money, consultant) wrote:
>> My question is this.. Can I get the machines on the two routers 
>> talking to each other, i.e., my wife's laptop on the first wrt54g 
>> wireless router, which is plugged into one port of the SMC device, 
>> WITH the other machines which are attached to the other 
>WRT54G router, 
>> which is plugged into another SMC device port?
>> Can these all talk and share and get along? What am I overlooking in 
>> getting this all set up?
>So as I understand it you have:
>->WRT54G -> wife's laptop
>Cable Modem -> SMC Gateway device -|
>->WRT54G -> ubuntu,printer
>I'm a little unclear on what your "SMC Gateway device" is or 
>what it is doing.  It's important to understand that all of 
>these devices may be 
>functioning as gateway, routers, dhcp servers, 
>firewalls,switches.   The 
>easiest thing to do is to plug one router into the cable modem 
>buy a plain switch and ebay the rest.  This will allow you to 
>print from any device on your network.
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