Two routers

Kyle Waters unum at
Wed May 27 11:04:09 MDT 2009

Jones, Scott (GE Money, consultant) wrote:
> My question is this.. Can I get the machines on the two routers talking
> to each other, i.e., my wife's laptop on the first wrt54g wireless
> router, which is plugged into one port of the SMC device, WITH the other
> machines which are attached to the other WRT54G router, which is plugged
> into another SMC device port? 
> Can these all talk and share and get along? What am I overlooking in
> getting this all set up? 

So as I understand it you have:

->WRT54G -> wife's laptop
Cable Modem -> SMC Gateway device -|
->WRT54G -> ubuntu,printer

I'm a little unclear on what your "SMC Gateway device" is or what it is 
doing.  It's important to understand that all of these devices may be 
functioning as gateway, routers, dhcp servers, firewalls,switches.   The 
easiest thing to do is to plug one router into the cable modem buy a 
plain switch and ebay the rest.  This will allow you to print from any 
device on your network.


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