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Wed May 27 10:59:57 MDT 2009

>> I have two routers, one networked hp 2605dn color laser and one wife.
>> The two routers are wrt54g models. One is plugged directly 
>into my SMC 
>> gateway device, with address with the comcast 
>cable plugged 
>> into it. This first router is wireless and my wife's laptops usually 
>> want to connect to this router. The color laser is attached 
>to the SMC 
>> gateway device, and the laser resides in my office several 
>meters away 
>> from the washroom where the SMC and first wrt54g devices live.
>> I'd like to set up the printer which has it's own IP; it is not 
>> attached to any networked PC on my network. I can print to this 
>> printer from my ubuntu box just fine. However my wife's print jobs 
>> printer intermittently or not at all.
>You didn't say what OS your wife's computer is running. Nor 
>did you indicate the network topology.

Wife's machines run either win xp pro or mac book with latest mac os..
Topology is ethernet 

Comcast cable >> SMC device >> wrt54g >> wireless access to win xp pro
and mac book laptops
				    >> wrtp54g >> 2 port vonage phone
					         >> 3 ports serving 1
win xp pro machine and 2 ubuntu 9.04 boxes.. 

>For any recent Ubuntu where you have HP printers, the first 
>thing you should do is get the latest HPLIP package from HP 
>(ver. 3.9.4b). The current Ubuntu version is 3.9.2-3ubuntu4. 
>It has several defects which upgrading appears to solve. One 
>of those is the lack of a PPD for my printer. 
>It installs easily even without the debian package.
>If your printer has its own wireless access (mine does) you 
>might set that up and make it a node on your wireless network. 
>Mind the security implications.
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