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> I have two routers, one networked hp 2605dn color laser and one wife.
> The two routers are wrt54g models. One is plugged directly into my SMC
> gateway device, with address with the comcast cable plugged
> into it. This first router is wireless and my wife's laptops usually
> want to connect to this router. The color laser is attached to the SMC
> gateway device, and the laser resides in my office several meters away
> from the washroom where the SMC and first wrt54g devices live. 
> I'd like to set up the printer which has it's own IP; it is not
> attached to any networked PC on my network. I can print to this
> printer from my ubuntu box just fine. However my wife's print jobs
> printer intermittently or not at all. 

You didn't say what OS your wife's computer is running. Nor did you
indicate the network topology.

For any recent Ubuntu where you have HP printers, the first thing you
should do is get the latest HPLIP package from HP (ver. 3.9.4b). The
current Ubuntu version is 3.9.2-3ubuntu4. It has several defects which
upgrading appears to solve. One of those is the lack of a PPD for my

It installs easily even without the debian package.

If your printer has its own wireless access (mine does) you might set
that up and make it a node on your wireless network. Mind the security


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