Two routers

Jones, Scott (GE Money, consultant) Scott.1Jones at
Wed May 27 10:02:31 MDT 2009

I have two routers, one networked hp 2605dn color laser and one wife.
The two routers are wrt54g models. One is plugged directly into my SMC
gateway device, with address with the comcast cable plugged
into it. This first router is wireless and my wife's laptops usually
want to connect to this router. The color laser is attached to the SMC
gateway device, and the laser resides in my office several meters away
from the washroom where the SMC and first wrt54g devices live. 

I'd like to set up the printer which has it's own IP; it is not attached
to any networked PC on my network. I can print to this printer from my
ubuntu box just fine. However my wife's print jobs printer
intermittently or not at all. 

My question is this.. Can I get the machines on the two routers talking
to each other, i.e., my wife's laptop on the first wrt54g wireless
router, which is plugged into one port of the SMC device, WITH the other
machines which are attached to the other WRT54G router, which is plugged
into another SMC device port? 

Can these all talk and share and get along? What am I overlooking in
getting this all set up? 


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