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Sat May 23 00:44:12 MDT 2009

On Fri, May 22, 2009 at 08:43:19PM -0600, John D Jones III wrote:
> It's all about the headless install, Gentoo is king, once you get your
> SSH up and running, you can unplug from the target box, and never look
> back, screen and vim is all you need to get installed and configured.

We do headless installs all the time with Fedora, and it's much easier
than what you describe.  We just create a little kickstart script (by
the way, one of these is automatically created each time you do a GUI
install).  Once you have a kickstart script, you can use it to install
your system without any interaction.  We have our workstations netboot
so that we don't have to do any keystrokes to reinstall them.  However,
you can also install with chroot-creator, which installs to any mount
point (such as a hard drive).

My point isn't that this is everything to everyone, just that Gentoo
obviously isn't "king" as you claim. :)

> What's more, upgrading, with RH, Fedora, SuSE, etc upgrading from a
> command line is extremely cumbersome and dangerous, Fedora's
> documentation strongly advises against this.. Ubuntu can upgrade
> headless, but you're still prone to much grief. Gentoo on the other
> hand, a quick once over on your USE flags, and portage takes care of
> all updates, usually without issue, and i the event of a problem, you
> still never need to use anything more than screen and vim over SSH.

I've had as much trouble doing what Gentoo recommends as I have had
doing what Fedora advises against. :)

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