Gentoo Minimal Install CD & USB HIDs

Matthew Walker mwalker at
Wed May 20 14:53:51 MDT 2009

On Wed, May 20, 2009 2:44 pm, Charles Curley wrote:
> Just for the halibut, I thought I'd try Gentoo on one of my FIT-PC 1s.
> ( They use USB
> for the keyboard and rodent. I pulled in the minimal installation CD,
> burned it, and booted. The boot process works just fine. I can use the
> command line in isolinux to boot an appropriate kernel with options.
> Once the kernel boots, the keyboard no longer works. I don't see
> anything obvious in the boot options. Is there a known workaround for
> this?

That's odd. They must have a very non-standand USB chipset in the FIT. I've always had
USB keyboards work just fine with the minimal CD.

Could you try the live CD, and see if that has better driver support?

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