Need help decrypting word doc

Jones, Scott (GE Money, consultant) Scott.1Jones at
Wed May 20 10:47:15 MDT 2009

>> Is the file  encrypted or merely password protected? If  the latter, 
>> you could use strings to extract out the data. Otherwise, Nick 
>> suggested you find a  temporary copy... what  about using something 
>> like  sleuthkit to mine your hard drive? Or you could use 
>some of the 
>> tools in Hiren's boot CD to extract the data. Basically, any file 
>> recovery tools might be able to  locate an  extra  copy. A  
>lot  might 
>> depend  on  whether Word  just overwrites blocks,  or if it creates  
>> temporary copies as it  works on a file.  How much time do 
>you have to recover the file?
>I once recovered a Word document that a friend had 
>accidentally deleted.
>I can confirm that Word creates temporary copies and if you 
>search the dead space on your drive, you'll find many many old 
>copies of your document. It ain't pretty, but it'll get the job done.


You just can't beat Micro$oft security measures! I assume that
OpenOffice does not behave sloppily this way with temporary files,

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