Need help decrypting word doc

Kenneth Burgener kenneth at
Tue May 19 08:56:51 MDT 2009

On 5/19/2009 6:05 AM, Jared W. Robinson wrote:
> My grandmother has been working on an obituary for my grandfather (who 
> is still with us), but somehow it got encrypted, and she doesn't know 
> what the password is. I'm looking for someone who can decrypt it for me.
> Jared Robinson

It appears that cracking the password from a word document has to be 
done through brute force [1].  No quick fix here.

If you are determined to go the route of trying to crack the password by 
brute force, here are some programs I have seen others suggest that may 
* WordLocksmith (, $7)
* Word Password ( asp, $39)
* Advanced Office Password Recovery (, $49)



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