Oracle to purchase Sun Microsystems?

Jones, Scott (GE Money, consultant) Scott.1Jones at
Mon May 18 11:02:26 MDT 2009


Excellent explanation. 

>    Maybe an explanation of licensing is in order here.  It's 
>a very confusing topic.  The original purpose of copyright is 
>exactly as it seems it should be a set of laws used to 
>determine who has a right to make copies of something.  Now in 
>today's digital age that's a lot more confusing because 
>everything is a copy.  In order to play a song that is stored 
>on my hard drive, a copy is loaded into RAM, and then copied 
>to various levels of cache, and then to the cpu, this process 
>makes a lot of "copies".  A simpler example is that when I 
>install software to my hard drive, I'm making a copy.

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