Oracle to purchase Sun Microsystems?

Stuart Jansen sjansen at
Sun May 17 23:38:25 MDT 2009

On Sun, 2009-05-17 at 23:26 -0600, Kenneth Burgener wrote:
> What I was hoping to hear is there is some sort of "written" agreement 
> that protects MySQL from being turned proprietary only.  Last time I 
> checked MySQL was under a dual license (one community open source based, 
> the other commercial), and I am hoping Oracle does not have the power to 
> turn it commercial only.  Or even worse, buy it, kill it, so Oracle 
> database can stand alone.

The code is GPL. Trademark may require a new name, but the code can be
forked if necessary. This topic has also been beaten to death online.
Here's one of the more recent commentaries:

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