Oracle to purchase Sun Microsystems?

Kenneth Burgener kenneth at
Sun May 17 23:26:44 MDT 2009

On 5/17/2009 9:42 PM, Stuart Jansen wrote:
> Wow, you're pretty late to the game.

Yeah, I noticed the announcement was about 28 days ago, but I didn't 
notice anything in the PLUG archives, so I was hoping that I wasn't the 
only one who missed the announcement.

> A lot of hot air was produced by "analysts" predicting what would
> happen. If you need to warm your hands over a little infotainment, I
> recommend searching the archive of your favorite tech reporter/blogger.
> If you're looking for actual information, the truth is nobody knows how
> this will play out.

What I was hoping to hear is there is some sort of "written" agreement 
that protects MySQL from being turned proprietary only.  Last time I 
checked MySQL was under a dual license (one community open source based, 
the other commercial), and I am hoping Oracle does not have the power to 
turn it commercial only.  Or even worse, buy it, kill it, so Oracle 
database can stand alone.


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