multiple mail servers for one domain

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I know there are man pages and the like, but is there a compendium
devoted to helping a simple mind like mine understand email set up and
administration, from the ground up? I am happy to dig in and read if I
can find the right source on all this. 


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>Merrill Oveson wrote:
>> Possible to do....?
>> I have a user say joan at
>> I want her to get her email from
>> everyone else is set up to access their email thru gmail.
>> The MX record points to
>> Possible to have more that one MX record which essentially 
>splits the 
>> domain?
>The cleanest solution to this is to have her gmail set up to 
>forward to joan at (not to avoid a mail 
>loop), and have running a mail server to 
>accept mail for her account (and any others like this). If you 
>wanted to get fancy you could make a 
>secondary MX that forwards mail for to the primary MX 
>(gmail) but that's likely to be a backdoor for spam and 
>probably not worth it.
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