Linux sprinkler controller project

Jake Pollmann jake.pollmann at
Thu May 14 23:33:41 MDT 2009

2009/5/9 Dave Smith <dave at>:
> If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears.

If Hell is personalized for each individual, my personal Hell will be
eternally tinkering with my sprinklers.  Fortunately, my sprinkler
controller is currently working well and replacing it doesn't sound at
all attractive.

However, if I did, I'd make sure to get a controller with the smarts
to cancel watering on days that it rains.  Some of these have rain
sensors and others receive a wireless message (i think a pager
network) to cancel the watering job.

I think it'd be very nice if your controller pulled watering
recommendations from the Department of Water Resources (like and stats from
a nearby weather station and adjusted watering days
and duration on the fly.

That would be a compelling reason for me to consider replacing a
controller that works.

Jake Pollmann

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