Anyone else subjected to Pingdom?

Jared Daines jared at
Thu May 14 21:11:40 MDT 2009

Joseph Hall wrote:
> I'm just curious on something here. One of our partners uses
> to monitor their sites, which are hosted on our
> servers. They have it set to check response times once a minute. It
> seems to be decent at telling us when our sites go down, but its
> recovery time is horrible. For instance, today Apache wouldn't restart
> properly on a server, and was down for less than a minute. It had been
> restarted properly for a full three minutes before the alerts started,
> and they continued for a full 20 minutes. In the past several months,
> this seems to be the norm.
> I've been looking for reviews in Google of Pingdom, but I have yet to
> find anything other than reviews from Pingdom of other sites, and
> reviews from sites that read like they've been paid for a good review.
> Has anyone else been subjected to this service? Am I really the only
> person in the world that doesn't like them?
I'm currently using it on a web site for work. We have never really had 
that type of problem. Get the alerts when the site is down. So yeah that 
sounds kind of odd.

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